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Japanese Government Scholarship for Post graduates


MEXT (Monbukagakusho: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan) offers scholarships for studies in Japan to Cameroonians, Chadians, and Central Africans:

Research program for Cameroonians, Chadians, and Central Africans

⚫ Start from April, September or October 2025

⚫ Qualifications and conditions
✓ Born on or after April 2, 1990.
✓ Have completed 16 years of schooling since elementary school or a degree holder before leaving for Japan. (For medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine, see the website below).
✓ Proficient in English and willing to learn Japanese.

⚫ Application guidelines: https://www.studyinjapan.go.jp/en/smap-stopj-applications-research.html

NB: You can visit the website below to learn more about MEXT Scholarships:


Please note that “original” documents mean certified copies with original stamps and not photocopies and “copy” means photocopies of the certified documents.

Deadline for submission of documents to the Embassy (1535, Rue 1828, Bastos-Ekoudou, BP 6868 Yaoundé, Cameroon): MONDAY 13 May 2024 before 4 pm.

➢ The written examination scheduled for June will take place at the Japanese Embassy in Cameroon.
➢ A specific date will be communicated to candidates who have passed the document screening.

Embassy of Japan in Cameroon

Tel: +237 222 206 202 studyjapan@yd.mofa.go.jp