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                        Thesis Mentorship (IT, Political Science, Finance, Law)

We will guide you throughout the process of formulating a research question and help you come up with a research project that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. We provide mentorship and advice on your thesis dissertation. According to the level of support you need, we can customize a mentorship program to help you solidify your thesis and complete any specific section(s) you need help with.

                                                   In-home Pupil Tutoring

We bring the classroom to your home with high-quality tuition by fully qualified teachers. Our tutors are experienced, professional teachers, vetted by us and checked. They are subject experts and are right up to date with the latest curriculum changes. We work with pupils from classes 1 to 6 on all subjects including arithmetic, English, French, and general knowledge. We are focused on the whole child. We know academic struggles do not happen in isolation – the student might be experiencing additional challenges – anxiety, depression, and sleep issues, along with different learning styles & abilities. We have access to several professionals, along with our expert tutors, to help.

                                                               Copy Writing

Anything you need, we can write it, we understand that it can be difficult to create something that truly captures the attention of your readers and encourages them to take action – and to do so quickly. If you’ve ever tried writing a brochure, tender or proposal, website copy, or other marketing materials, you know how difficult it can be. We’re here to turn your ideas, expertise, and information into easy-to-understand content, no matter its application. You’ll find our copywriting to be stress-free and time efficient. You’ll receive high-quality content you can be proud of and can use with confidence.

With our experience in professional copywriting for the B2B industry, you can trust us to help you better communicate your messages. We craft compelling, high-quality copy for different business needs. We’re here to turn your information or thoughts into convincing, clear, interesting material whatever its purpose.

                                           TOEFL / IELTS Preparatory Classes

Our experienced language trainers know exactly what the TOEFL / IELTS exams are all about and have the appropriate study materials to prepare you specifically for this test. Thanks to this preparation course, you will gain the necessary confidence and expertise to successfully pass the exam, saving you time and money. Our preparation course will take you through each test section and question type in your preparation on the road to TOEFL / IELTS.

Just like the actual test, the preparation course is divided into four sections: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. In each section you will:

-learn about the test section format – how many questions & how much time you should spend on each question

-learn what question types to expect

-see examples of questions and sample answers

-get tips on how to improve your band score.  

                                                        Scholarship Mentoring

Are you a student, graduate or young scholar from an African country? Do you need help finding the right scholarship for you? Or are you busy with a scholarship application and need advise on how to prepare and submit your application documents? Then join our Scholarship Mentoring Programme! Selected participants will receive an initial consultation to assess their scholarship needs, as well as personal support and mentorship by one of our Scholarship beneficiaries for a period of at least one month!

Please note that participation in our Scholarship Mentoring Programme does not guarantee you a scholarship. The purpose of the programme is to assist you in finding the right scholarship or fellowship, and to offer support and feedback on your scholarship application. Also keep in mind that CV Designers & Co does not award scholarships or funding – our aim is to offer support and information for scholarship seekers and applicants. Our mentors are professionals who offer their services for a fee and in their spare time.