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Call for YWEEP Projects_Led by Youths


As part of the “Youth and Women Employment and Empowerment Project”, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is launching a call for projects for the pre-selection of 200 formal MSMEs, startups, and cooperatives led by young people (men and women) operating in the inclusive value chains of the food industry and the green economy.

The Youth and Women Employment and Empowerment Project is UNDP’s contribution to reducing unemployment among young people and women to empower them. Specifically, it aims to (i) provide equal access to quality training and guidance for young men and women; (ii) ensure and promote equal access to entrepreneurship coaching for young men and women; (iii) promote equal access to information on labor market opportunities for young men and women; and (iv) accelerate the empowerment of young people and women through training and the transfer of vital skills for entrepreneurship.

This project has two major outcomes, namely:

Result 1: Technical and operational capacities are provided to MSMEs, formalized or informal startups, and cooperatives led by young people and women to develop inclusive value chains in the agro-industry and green economy. With this outcome, young people and women in Cameroon will have solutions to (i) acquire useful skills to create and/or consolidate their activities/startups in the agro-food and green economy value chain and (ii) focus on digital solutions that support activities related to the agro-food and green economy (recycling). The digital solution identified through this mapping should accelerate results around the identified value chain.

Result 2: MSMEs and startups led by young people and women have increased access to the AfCFTA through innovative, particularly digital, solutions. The project will facilitate access to the necessary skills to prepare young people and women for the African market, a common concern in most African countries. Digital hubs will play a key role in developing the digital ecosystem to facilitate the access of young people and women to the AfCFTA.

Support for selected projects will be provided through three (3) modalities: (i) mobilization of technical assistance for capacity building; (ii) direct financial contribution for investments in production and acquisition of light equipment; and (iii) digital solution for the digitization of transactions (e-recording).

Who can respond to this call for projects?

This call for projects is intended for MSMEs, startups, and formal enterprises (legally constituted) led by young men or women aged 18 to 35, operating in the sectors of agro-industry, the green economy, and digital innovation related to the green economy or agro-industry, with high job creation potential, and located in Cameroon.

Companies can be established in the following segments of the value chain:

  • Companies in production
  • Companies in processing
  • Companies in packaging
  • Companies in marketing

 Eligibility Criteria:

Specific criteria for the enterprise:

  1. Be an MSME or startup led by a young person (male or female) aged 18 to 35, legally constituted (attach a copy of the promoter’s ID card);
  2. Operate in the fields of agro-industry value chains, the green economy, and digital innovation (provide supporting documentation);
  3. Have needs related to the acceleration or growth of the activity (present a compliant business model);
  4. Be willing to sign a commitment to non-defamation and non-claims.

Specific criteria for the submitted project:

  1. Have the potential to create jobs that facilitate the integration of young people (male and female), with at least two young people to be integrated (justify);
  2. Not currently engaged in a support process by another technical and financial partner.
    1. Promoter Information

Evaluation of Projects

Selection Criteria  Maximum Points:
Project criteria
The relevance and consistency of the business plan in relation to YWEP objectives 10
The viability of the project (even without the grant): Turnover, investment plan, existing production assets, etc. 15
The project’s capacity to create employment 10
The innovative nature of the project (use of innovative technologies and/or digital technologies) 20
Justification of market existence through contracts or a list of clients 10
Adoption of a sustainable development approach (compliance with environmental standards – clean energy, waste recycling, etc.) 5
Sub Total 1 70
Company criteria
Motivation for seeking support (expressed needs related to the development of the presented project) 10
Expertise and motivation of the promoter and their team (technical and managerial capabilities) 20
Sub -total 2 30

Special attention will be given to projects involving the use of innovative technologies and businesses employing a significant female workforce.

Note: Following the evaluation of all applications, only companies scoring an average of 70/100 will be considered for the final selection. A ranking will be established to select the top 200 based on merit.

Pre-selection procedures:

Submissions can be made at the headquarters of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) or online at the following address: appelprojets.ywep@undp.org

Documents submitted to the UNDP headquarters will be received and assigned a deposit number. Those who submit online will receive an acknowledgment of receipt. Subsequently, they will undergo review by a Selection Committee comprised of UNDP and project partners to verify compliance with the selection criteria listed above.

Promoters may be contacted during the application review phase to provide additional clarifications. If further information or modifications to the project are requested, the promoter has a maximum of two (02) days to provide the requested supplements or an improved version of the dossier. Additional supporting documents for certain criteria (age, residency, etc.) will be required before finalizing the selection process. Moreover, the committee may decide, before the final selection decision, to conduct on-site visits to the projects.

The final acceptance of the project by the Selection Committee will be communicated to the promoter in writing by UNDP. Only selected promoters will be contacted for the next steps of the process.

Application Package Composition:

The application package must include the following documents:

  1. A cover letter addressed to the Resident Representative of UNDP;
  2. A completed standard project proposal form (attached);
  3. Copies of the deeds of creation of the structure (for formal enterprises);
  4. Financial statements for 2022 and 2023 (if available);
  5. The business model and business plan of the enterprise (if available);
  6. Signed contracts or a list of major clients with their contact details.
  7. CVs of the promoter and two (02) key employees (if applicable);
  8. Any other relevant documents (invoices or purchase orders, production assets, etc.)

Online Submission of Applications:

  • Submission address: appel.ywep2024@gmail.com
  • Format: PDF files
  • File names must have a maximum length of 60 characters and should not contain any special characters or letters other than those from the Latin alphabet/keyboard. The file name must start with “YWEEP Youths.”
  • All files must be virus-free and not corrupted.
  • Maximum File Size per Transmission: [5 MB]
  • Incomplete or late submissions will not be accepted.

Deadline for submission of applications: July 19, 2024, at 4:30 PM (Cameroon time). Any application submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Annex: Standard Form for Business Support Request

1.1.      SECTION I. Promoter and Company Overview (1-page max)
Name of the promoter, gender, age, address, contact (phone, email, location)


  1. Company

Legal name, trade name, type of company, date of establishment (for formal enterprises)


  1. Value Chain of Interest, Affiliated Organizations

Value chain of interest, umbrella organizations, number of years in operation


  1. Financial Account

Account opened in a financial institution (microfinance, bank), partnership history, and payment difficulties.

SECTION II. Activities of the Organization (2-page maximum)
2.1. Description of Activities and Product Offer


2.2. Production Assets (land, buildings, equipment, etc.)

To be justified by purchase invoices or other documents proving the existence of production materials.


2.3. Markets Served

To be justified by invoices, purchase orders, or contracts.

SECTION III. Strengths & Weaknesses of the Organization (1/2 page maximum)
3.1. List the main strengths of your organization (up to 3 strengths)


3.2. List the main weaknesses (or areas for improvement or challenges) of your organization (up to 3 weaknesses)

SECTION IV. Operational Data
Fill in the table below:

YEAR 2023 2024 2025
Sales Volume

Average Revenue (XAF)      
Total Permanent Employees      
Permanent Female Employees      
Permanent Employees (Under 35years old)      
Temporary Employees      
SECTION V. List of Key Partners (1/2 page maximum)
Provide a list of your various past and current partners, along with the support received (amount, date).
SECTION VI. The Investment Project (5-page maximum)
6.1. Project Description


6.2. How is the Project Innovative?


6.3. Motivation for Seeking Support and Alignment with Project Objectives


6.4. Expectations from the Project and Estimated Needs


6.5. 12-Month Investment Plan (including personal contribution in kind or cash)


6.6. Target Objectives

YEAR 2024 2025 2026
Sales Volume:

Total Annual Revenue (XAF)      
Number of Permanent Jobs Created (new)      
Number of Temporary Jobs Created (new)      


7.6. Main Project Risks (up to 3 risks) and Mitigation Measures


7.7. Environmental Conservation

Current or planned environmental conservation actions (e.g., waste management, use of clean energy sources like solar)


7.8. Are you interested in accessing credit from a microfinance institution? (Yes/No, justify)

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