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Job Interview Questions & Answers

Job Interview Common Questions With A+ Answers!

Feeling unprepared for your next interview?

You’re not alone. But fret no more! Here’s the key to interview success: Preparation.

Make a Great Impression with Answers They’ll Remember

Just like that feeling of walking into an exam having studied everything, a good interview hinges on being prepared. Here are steps to take before your next big one:

Preparation Checklist:

-Research their mission, values, and recent news.
-Understand the specific responsibilities of the position.
-Identify 3 key skills or experiences that make you perfect for the job.
-Prepare 5+ examples from past jobs that showcase your strengths in action.

Be ready to answer these 12 common interview questions:

1. Tell me about yourself.

Answer: (No life story needed!) Briefly share your career journey, highlighting skills relevant to the role, and ending with why this position excites you.

2. What interests you about this position?

Answer: Get specific! Explain how your skills align with the role and how you can contribute to the company’s goals (mention those you researched!).

3. What are your strengths?

Answer: Focus on 2-3 strengths most relevant to the job. Back them up with compelling stories of how you used them to succeed.

4. Tell me about a time you failed.

Answer: Show growth! Share a setback, how you learned from it, and the skills you gained.

5. Describe a time you motivated colleagues.

Answer: Highlight leadership skills! Tell a story where you used your positivity and persuasion to inspire others.

6. Juggling Projects?

Answer: Focus on time management. Share an example where you used a system to handle multiple tasks effectively.

7. Change is Good!

Answer: Show adaptability! Tell a story about a major workplace change you embraced and thrived in.

8. Goal Getter!

Answer:  Demonstrate achievement. Share a story about setting and achieving a specific goal, outlining the steps you took.

9. Disagreeing Productively

Answer: Show communication skills. Choose a time you had a professional disagreement, communicated your perspective clearly, and reached a positive outcome.

10. Weaknesses? But Make it a Strength!

Answer: Show self-awareness. Choose 1-2 weaknesses not crucial to the role and explain how you’re actively working on them.

11. Any Questions for Me? (Guaranteed)

Answer: Show initiative. Ask questions about the role, team, company culture, or anything that demonstrates your serious interest.

12. Anything Else?

Answer:  Reiterate your value. Briefly share those 2-3 key points about why you’re the perfect candidate.

Remember: Every question is an opportunity to showcase your skills and why you’re the ideal fit.